Top 10 Best Room Heaters for Keep in Home in 2019

Apart from getting next to a fireplace, most people used to warm up themselves on a cup of tea in the morning during the cold season. Today, although room heaters have not replaced the traditional system of heating, they are considered to be the only way to quickly fix a room that won’t heat up completely.

Room heaters, generally referred to as space heaters come in different varieties of sizes and shapes and they’re not just for industrial use. They can be used at home in front of your computer or television, or in the office when you need to keep things toasty and warm.

According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), 56,000 fires caused at home between years 2009 and 2013 are brought about by a heating device. 84% of deaths caused by heating fires at home involved a portable or stationary home heater. Due to this, it’s highly recommended to switch off a room heater when you leave the building and keep things that can easily burn three feet away from the equipment. Additionally, NFPA advises strongly to avoid using the heaters overnight.

With this information in mind, the following are the top ten best room heaters to use during the cold season in 2019.

10. OPOLAR Space Heater


 OPOLAR Space Heater

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This’s one of the best room heaters on the market today that features an infrared human smart sensor which makes the device work when a human body is detected, otherwise, it stops working in two minutes.
The device is equipped with a PTC ceramic technology for heating which produces no frame or red light, a feature that enables fast rapid heating. This technology also makes it safer and last longer compared to its predecessors. Additionally, it includes a feature that prevents overheating and tip over and comes with 5-year warranty.
As compared to many heaters in its category, this one’s more compact and smaller. It has a weight of 1.5 pounds and a size of 4.6 × 3.7 × 7.3 inches. This makes it very portable and ideal for office, home, and desktop uses. Go for this appliance if you’re looking for a more portable and powerful space heater.

9. DONYER POWER Space Heater



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This one comes with a powerful thermostat technology that protects its users from overheat by automatically powering off when temperatures reach 158 F. The device is equipped with a three-setting feature, a fan-only setting (no heating), 1500W high setting, and a 750W low setting. This makes it easily customizable for all users.

On the bottom of the device, it includes a tip over switch that powers off automatically to protect the heater from falling suddenly when in use. In addition, it comes with a carrying handle and a power indicator light that enables you to see whether it’s plugged-in. It has a net weight of 2.9 pounds and dimensions of 7.3 × 5.5 × 9.5 in inches.
This heater is highly recommended for both home and office use.

8. PTC Space Heater


PTC Space Heater

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The PTC-Space-Heater is designed to be highly efficient for heating your room faster while saving a great deal of energy and power. Like many other room heaters, it includes a safety switch that automatically powers off when the device accidentally falls or tilts.

It’s made small, compact, and lightweight making it highly portable and perfect for use in an office, living room and study room. To prevent overheating, the device is equipped with several dissipation holes. Moreover, it’s designed to be super quiet, a feature that reduces noise effectively when it’s working.
The heater has a power of 500W, includes a black carrying handle, and a fan. If you are looking for a device that’s highly efficient and with a super-quiet design, this one is the right one for you.

7. OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater


 OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater

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This heater comes with plenty of power for faster heating which’s necessary for the production of instant warmth in your home. It comes with three heat modes which include fan-only, 1000W low heat, and 1500W high heat modes.
The device is easy to use and operates on low noise (50db). This ensures that you’re not disturbed from rest, sleep, working, or reading. It also includes an adjustable thermostat that maintains the perfect heat in your home according to the room’s temperatures and the thermostat settings.

The OPOLAR ceramic room heater ensures that you’re protected from overheating and tip over. The tip-over switch shuts the device off when it tilts or falls when working. If you’re looking for a heater with the highest operating power, this is perfect for you.

6. Utopia Home Space Heater


Utopia Home Space Heater

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This space heater comes with two powerful settings (1500 W high heat setting and 750 low heat setting) that allow heat customization very easy. It comes with an adjustable fan and thermostat settings that maintain the standard temperatures within your room.

It includes a power light indicator that is very easy to operate. Furthermore, the device includes a tip over and overheat protection system that ensures total safety when using it in your home, or office. However, the device becomes very home when in use and therefore not to be handled with bare hands, and it’s not to be used in moist or wet locations.

If you’re looking for the easiest to use and high power setting product, the utopia room heater is ideal for you.

5. Tenergy Space Heater


Tenergy Space Heater

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This’s one of the most powerful room heaters of today. The device includes three heat setting modes of fan only, 900W (low heat) and 1500W (high heat) that enables a comfortable heat control for the user. The fan makes it easy to tilt to an angle of 15 degrees, allowing you to control air towards any direction.

With the use of a high power setting, this space heater enables quick heating for an instant warmth. It also has an automatic power off feature which protects users from overheating once the fan detects a temperature near 82 degrees Celsius (179.6F). In addition, it’s lightweight and portable making it a good equipment for use in home and office. Go for this product if you’re looking for a device that will heat and spread heat faster within your room.

4. KOOLWOOM Space heater


KOOLWOOM Space heater

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The KOOLWOOM is one of the best room heaters around. It features a size of 15.1 x 5.4 x 12.4 in inches and a weight of 8.2 pounds. It has a power of 700W, a power light indicator, and automatic thermostat control system.

The device comes with a permanently sealed special diathermic-oil that doesn’t require to be refilled or replaced. Additionally, the equipment doesn’t need to be serviced regularly by pulling it to pieces. It also includes a power cord of about seventy-one inches long, and a carry handle that makes it very easy to carry.

This heater is personal and requires to be used when one wants to warm his/her feet while working. It’s perfect for use on desks, offices, placements, tabletops, and nightstand.

3. Portable Space Heater


Portable Space Heater

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This space heater is created on a Small Body – Big Power strategy to enable quick heating within seconds so that you can enjoy warm air without delay. It’s economical, portable, and easy to use and control with adjustable heat settings of 1500W high power setting and 850W low power setting.

It comes with a four-feature increased level of safety which includes the tip-over switch which ensures safety when the heater falls or tilts, overheat auto-off that protects the room from overheating, a flame-resistant material (imported), and high-density mesh which ensures protection when children are playing about.

Additionally, the equipment doesn’t produce much noise when working – it effectively reduces it below 45db. It’s also very durable, easy to clean, and includes a one-year warranty.

2. Space Heater 1500W Electric Heating Device


Space Heater 1500W Electric Heating Device

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This’s one of the most popular room heaters on the modern market that features a programmable thermostat which makes it very easy to set the heat capacity that makes you feel comfortable when doing your business.
It comes with three heating modes that allow you to customize the warmth in your room very effectively. It operates on low power mode (700W), high power mode (1500W), and an eco mode that will work switching on and off to maintain the heat in your office, home, and etcetera. This will also help you reduce the energy bill during the cold season.

The device is made with a LED screen display and also signal lights. This allows you to see the operating status of the device even when you’re far away. The product is delivered with a remote control to help you use it when you are busy doing other kinds of work like watching your favorite television channel on your coach.
Consider buying this product if you’re looking for a space heater with modern features as well as high power.

1. Heat Storm Phoenix Space Heater


Heat Storm Phoenix Space Heater

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This product comes with a great many modern features and that’s why it’s considered as one of the best room heaters on the market today. It features two power modes, one that uses a low power (750W – green leaf) and the other that uses the whole power (1500W – red leaf).

It’s built with a LED screen display and a thermostat smart technology that helps regulate the heat in your room effectively. Moreover, it includes a remote device to control temperatures when you’re far away from the heater.

In addition, it’s equipped with an HMS technology that provides safe and soft heating without reducing the room humidity and/or oxygen. It has the power to provide warmth to a large office or room using its heat output of 5,200 BTU.

The heater weighs 8 pounds and its sized 18.8 x 4.5 x 12.8 inches. This makes it ideal for use in any room within your house. It can be placed on the ground or hanged on the wall when in use. Also, the heater can be handled with bare hands hence a suitable product to be used by any person.

You might want to purchase this space-heater if power and design is your concern.

Things to Consider when Buying a Space Heater

Before buying any room heat, you need to consider the following factors.

• Type of Heater

What type of room heater do you prefer? You should possibly ask yourself this question before you get your hands on any room. Space heaters come in three types, Radiant, Fan-Forced, and Convection Heaters.

If you’re looking for a heater that’d provide quick spot heating in small rooms, then you need to choose a radiant heater. Choose a fan-forced-heater if you need a device that uses an internal fan control and a convection heater for whole-room and even heating.

• Heating Capacity

What size of space will it cover? You should choose a heater with a greater heating capacity if you need to heat a room with an enormous space. A heater with 1500W of power is more preferable to a 900W of power heater.

• Energy-Efficiency

This’s another great feature when buying the best room heaters. To keep your energy bill low, you need to choose a room heater with the correct energy efficiency.

A good heater will have an adjustable thermostat, energy saving modes, programmable timers, low wattage, and contributes greatly to economic operations.

• Noise Level

Noise sucks especially when you need peace of mind in your house. You should consider, therefore, getting a room heater that produced very low or no noise at all.

• Safety Measures

Some heaters are great fire hazards. Consider buying a space heater that is equipped with many safety measures such as overheat and tip-over protection.


The above products are the best room heaters you need to purchase in the year 2019. Each of the products is recommended to buy based on the kind of heater that you need. This article also includes the buying guide that will help you choose the best of all product.


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