Top 10 Good Snare Drum in 2019

The snare drum set is a very important instrument which all drummers need for the success of their music. Most drummers own several snare drums. This list is intended to guide you on the best possible snare drum that you may be searching to either add to your collection or best of all.

After you have set your expected budget, it is advisable that you be clear on the sort of sound that you wish your instrument to produce and the style you will be playing, after you have set your expected budget. There are so many characteristics including the size which have an impact on your sound, therefore you should consider factors like materials that make your instrument such as wood, metal or acrylic shells because each adds a unique value on your tone.

Since we all know the quality is not expensive but rather priceless, you should know that getting the top quality snare drums may be a little costly due to the shell component, construction, and material. Snare drums at the top level are versatile and excellence both on stage and studio.

Below is the list of top 10 most ideal snare drums for 2019 which you can pick whether you are searching one or more for jazz, rock or funk, the stage or studio that is quality and affordable at the same time.

List of Top 10 Good Snare Drum in 2019

#10. Griffin Black Hickory


Griffin Black Hickory

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If you have been searching for an excellent snare drum to achieve that unique tone you always longed for, then Griffin is here with all such quality characters. Griffin can provide you with a unique sound with beautiful and rich overtone with a clear power flaw.

This Snare shell by Griffin is an outstanding selection for the novice or beginner member of the drumming institute! The appearance and design of the wood grain so attractive. This snare drum structures a black hickory PVC covering, with great gloss and easy finish, creating an elegant and admirable artistry that enables the beautiful deluxe apparatus to be an ideal selection to any of the drummer’s assortment.

This Griffin made snare drum accompanies the best quality, smooth and calm drum toss that offers flawless activity and liquid stream continuously. The abundant toss of this Griffin structured drum makes it less challenging for the user to quiet, loosen or fix the snares as specified by taste and inclination, without having to lock up or even failing.
So if you are a professional musician, beginner or a scholar, the griffin snare drum is one of the best selection you can go for that is also good if you are on a tight budget.

#9. Vangoa Snare Drum


Vangoa Snare Drum

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The vangoa is a unique snare drum which can produce a heart moving melodious rustling sound which is very bright and clear to the ears of the audience. The snare is built using quality long lasting nickel and double chrome material. It is meant to encourage new drummers because the manufacturer sells the product incorporated with additions like turning key, practice band, strap, drumstick and also carrying bag.

Vangoa’s wooden drum cavity makes it best in producing richer and deeper drum sounds which makes it better as compared to the metal cavity.

The drum’s turning key makes the drum sound nicer and stable, whereas sound level drop pad allows the user to lower the sound, the drum produces if need also contains a steel snare wire which rises snare drum’s projection, articulation and projection.

#8. Mendini by Cecilio


Mendini by Cecilio

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Are you looking to buy the best snare drum for your kid or just wishing to start learning the drum? Mendini could be just the choice that would turn your dream into reality. The medina by Cecilio student is constructed with top quality material yet very affordable to enable those learners on a tight budget to afford.

This snare comes with stand and case and can serve any purpose that you may require it to. It has an impressing sound that is smooth and cannot let you down or by fall out of tune at any time when you are playing it.
So, when you pick this snare drum to be sure to enjoy the service that you’ve been looking for without having to break the bank, yet not a single of it quality is compromised.

#7. ADM Student Snare Drum Kit With Stand, Case, and Sticks


ADM Student Snare Drum Kit With Stand, Case, and Sticks

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If you are a student, then this snare drum is perfect for you. You can practice it anywhere at home at school or any place since the drum includes all accessories you may need in its package. It is inexpensive to purchase and truly you can make your musical or melodious experience remarkable with this snare set.

The drum has a rubber pad which allows you to control the music by silencing the sound when practicing at home.
Has an adjustable strap, to enable you to play at any posture i.e. when you standing upright or bending. Hence is designed with the idea to keep your comfort at optimum while playing the drum.

#6. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch


Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

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Just like all other products produced by the Yamaha brand, Yamaha stage custom birch snare drums are designed with excellent characteristics that place it among the top-selling drums in the market.

Yamaha is built with the same heavier and solid shell featuring ply model utilized on live practice. It has a wide bearing with round edges giving more head to the shell contact that offers a powerful sound. This drum is perfect for all users’ veterans or beginners.

#5. Pearl Modern Utility


Pearl Modern Utility

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Pearl has designed a modern utility snare drum that offers flexibility, fusing reliability and dependable to every drummer who has an interest of taking his or her musical career to a better level.

This custom fitted drum is one unique in quality and character that all work towards producing that tune a drummer is looking for, snare’s five catch models where each component a 6 utilize per 5.4mm entirely Maple SST shell. The snare is meant to provide a dynamic working user a prolonged voice, it is also sufficiently adjustable to add to any set-up with a consistent production.

#4. Ludwig Supralite Steel


Ludwig Supralite Steel

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This snare drum comes with top quality components that are durable and very nice looking accessories. With all its quality the drum is still affordable which makes it more ideal for students to afford because it is just priced like any other equipment budget.

The snare is built with triple flanged hoops, brass snare wires and brass lungs that are chrome plated. There are various other accessories that make it produce a super cool sound. Its beaded steel shell gives a perky, cutting attack with sturdy midrange tinges or overtones.

#3. Gretsch Gloss Walnut


Gretsch Gloss Walnut

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This snare is specially designed to add another great sound and appearance to full range line. Gretsch walnut 8-ply yields a snappy spell but with an effective low-end ideal for lower tuning. It also improves with extra lower to higher alterations. The builder has included a dual maple inlay to outer ply, offering this snare a unique look just like the sound it produces. Because of its building process and the aesthetics of the drum, there is no perfect similarity that makes the drum produce a boutique vibe.

#2. DW Design Series Black Nickel


DW Design Series Black Nickel

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Trust me, this snare drum is perfect to fit any musical situation. The design series is bead reinforced, a rolled 1mm and decked with all brass shell that adds value to snares quality. This high-end snare comes with various accessories for its studio quality such as true pitch tuning, mag throw-off and a DW reverse dot by Remo. Coated in striking black nickel, DW snare produces active, round attack with smooth musical overtones.
The Black Nickel over Brass is a flat out shocker of a snare, both aurally and apparently.
This is the drum every professional player would no doubt pick.

#1. Mapex Black Panther


Mapex Black Panther

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This revolutionary heavy-duty snare drum can serve every drummer’s need. It features a brass shell tube, hammered style lugs cylindrical drive strainer, and a piston style throw off. The Mapex Black Panther which is a part of the Black Panther series that brag distinctive sonic saver hoops with a micro lock tension adaptable on either side. It as well features an adjuster on butt and strainer.

This drum has an impressive look that is anesthetic to a unique genre yet is dynamical to any musical be it jazz or rock and others.

The drum also plays a brightest of ghost notes and it’s extremely responsive, with rim turns, clear and predictable with wide tuning range.

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