Top 10 Most Popular IPhone XS Max Case

iPhone XS Max phones are among the most classy and beautiful devices. These attributes are depicted from its unique design. The stainless steel frames and the glass laid over it make it something to die for. Anytime the device can drop on its back and get the rear scratch and with time look unsightly. You wouldn’t like being spotted with an expensive yet ugly looking phone. For this reason, you can iPhone XS Max phones case for your asset.

Your phone’s rear will look gorgeous and protected from physical damage. It can be daunting to look for the best case but this guide makes it effortless and exclusive. We have made it easier for you by selecting the top 10 best cases for these phones. Choose any that suits your class, personality, and budget.

List of Top 10 IPhone Xs Max Case

10. X-Doria Defense Shield Series Case for iPhone Xs Max 6.5’’

X-Doria Defense Shield Series Case for iPhone Xs Max 6.5’’

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Call it exquisite. This case has a front facing that has been integrated with an audio channel for maximum sound amplification. The audio is transferred to the front side of the Max phone to ensure you don’t have issues hearing. No sharing here since it is designed for these specific models of iPhones. The bubble pattern will marvel you with the case’s interior lining looking as fine. The interior is made with a polycarbonate shell to give the rear of your phone maximum protection when it drops on the floor. In case of any impact on your iPhone, it is reversed by the shock case. The lip is raised a little to protect your skin when your phone hits a hard surface.

9. BENTOBEN iPhone Xs Max Case
BENTOBEN iPhone Xs Max Case

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You know how floral the feminine gender is. This case is beautiful and gives your phone the best drop protection it needs. The case supports wireless charging so you do not have to chuck it. It has an extra snug fit and the edges have a smooth finish to allow you to have a good grip. The camera is well protected from dirt, debris, and breakages by the snug fit. Scratches make your camera as good as useless. All corners fit perfectly and there are no instances of dirt accumulation inside the case. You can easily access all your ports. It is perfect for a gift to a female who you feel deserves it.

8. ZHK iPhone Xs Max Sakura Cherry Design Case
 ZHK iPhone Xs Max Sakura Cherry Design Case

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The Sakura cherry case gives your phone the desired protection from drops and falls. Furthermore, it keeps both the rare and front of your phone protected from scratches. The entire body is made of TPU rubber which is durable and can last for long. The slightly raised lips act as surfaces when your phone drops facing the front. Dust and sand affect the internal parts of your phone when they enter through the edges. This case acts as a good barrier to ensure your phone is clean at all times and functional without needing frequent cleaning. The case is smooth to the touch and it feels nice when you grip it. Still a feminine case, it matches any occasion you intend to attend. The golden edges complete it.

7. X-Doria Defense Shield Series Red Case
X-Doria Defense Shield Series Red Case

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It is sad having to lose such a high-end device due to falls when you could easily protect it using a phone case. The phone case is made from durable anodized aluminum to prevent it from rusting. Rusting could occur when your perspiration levels when holding the phone rise and sweats gets in touch with the case. Polycarbonate lining makes the case have shock absorbing properties to prevent any impact on your phone when it drops. The case has been tested for quality and is proven to work effectively. Sound transmission when the case is on is very efficient and you do not have to remove the case. For the amount it goes for, you can confirm that its features give more value than its worth.

6. ANOLE Slim Gradient Hard Clear Case


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One unisex case here with glamour and style. Men too can have their devices looking fun with sparkles. The thickness is great although it doesn’t make your phone heavier. The material used on it is scratch resistant and if you have children around who have a habit of dropping your phone, be sure your phone will be protected and your case remains as good as new. UV resistance is another great feature and the clear back case allows your phone’s rear to be visible. Raised bezels protect your screen from damage when it drops. The camera too remains undamaged to ensure your photo taking sessions are epic like before. All ports are easily accessible and you can plug in the charger, USB or your earphones with the case still on. A lifetime warranty on this one makes it something for grabs.

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone Xs MAX
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone Xs MAX

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Anything hybrid is improved and a better product than its predecessor. So is this case from Spigen. The bumper is very rigid and flexible. If you love something slim then this is something to preorder before they run out of stock. When put on the phone, it has a snug fit and makes it pocket-friendly and easy to grip. The case is resistant to yellowing therefore giving a long lasting clarity property. If you are a minimalist and do not love things that speak loud especially phone cases, you have an option to buy this one.

4. Casa Translucent View Case
Casa Translucent View Case

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Too much class and style on this one. The case has an electroplate mirror that you can use anywhere at your convenience. Both men and women can own this case. It speaks loudly of your sense of style. The clear view cover allows you to see the date, weather and time on your phone. The case has a screen protector and before you can use the case, tear it off. So easy and stress-free when you need to get entertained by videos and movies on your phone. The kickstand will work just fine to ensure your hands are left free when video calling, reading or catching up news. This definitely an all-around case that you can invest in and you are guaranteed maximum prone protection.

3. Maxdara Girls and Women’s’ iPhone Xs Max Case
Maxdara Girls and Women’s’ iPhone Xs Max Case

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Positioning your phone when you need to catch up on the latest on your favorite channel can find you picking it up from the floor. To prevent such instance, this case has a kickstand that has 360 degrees rotation capabilities. This glitter themed iPhone Xs Max Cases are excellent to give you a chic and expensive look. It has a higher level of fashion sense. It comes with a lanyard that you can hang on the neck and have your phone with you when your hands are engaged. The case offers your phone maximum protection against scratches and breakages when the phone drops. You can use it on the car mount holder for safety reasons when driving. Installing it isn’t as hectic as you think. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty upon purchase and in case you are dissatisfied with its performance, there is a full money back guarantee upon return.

2. i- Blason iPhone Xs Max Case
i- Blason iPhone Xs Max Case

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With a 360 degrees coverage features, you can be assured that your phone is well protected from impact especially during falls. The bumper works well to ensure that your screen is always salvaged from breakage by acting as a barrier. Generally, the case’s back plate is scratch resistant. No matter how many times or how hard it falls, it remains intact. Forget about scratches and cracks on the front side because the cover is fully functional. The glitter design adds to its style and aesthetics. If you are a lover of shiny items that are not to the extreme, you and your phone will look good if you buy this case.

1. DTTO Ocean Blue Case
DTTO Ocean Blue Case

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The case is ultra-clear and allows for visibility of your phone’s back cover. It has a non-slip grip property that guarantees you phone safety while holding it. Lovers of slim design have this case to put on their list. The metal luster edge adds to your sense of style. The screen and camera are well protected by the raised lips and precise cutouts. Tactile buttons allow you to use your phone’s power and volume button with ease. Charge your phone wirelessly with the case on. See how much energy it saves you.

iPhone XS Max Case Buying Guide

Selecting the best case for your new iPhone XS Max narrows down to how well you know the categories available and the main features to look at. We have done the hard work for you and hinted a few in this guide so that you do not pick up a counterfeit at a hefty price to your own loss.

Wireless Charging
  • Removing your case now and again so that your iPhone can charge wirelessly puts you at high risk of it getting scratches and screen breakage. To be on the safest end, select a case that has wireless charging capabilities.
  • Too many make a mistake here. These Max phones are among the biggest by iPhone and they are designed specifically for this design giving the phone a snug fit to prevent weather elements from affecting the phone or it chucking out of the case. However, there are other fakes that can blind you although they have a loose fit. Beware!
  • People who live their entertainment lives on the phone know how important a kickstand is. It brings more convenience when you want to sit and watch or video call from your end without having to strain your hands to hold your phone.
  • You will be spoilt for choice here. They range from kerfs, nomads, RhinoShield to Shena and toast. Each has their distinct feature that distinguishes it from the rest. You will select this depending on your aesthetic feature and budget.
  • Quality and performance will judge how good a material used in making a case is. You can find rubberized cases that are on point while other anodized aluminum or polycarbonate cases that are typically imitations and do not perform as expected.


You know that iPhones are high-end phones and losing one to scratches and breakage is heartbreaking. Prevention will cost you less while curing after a mess will cost you an arm and a leg. Any of these 10 selected iPhone XS Max Case will work well by protecting your phone from such damages. Maintenance is a breeze. They need simple wiping to remove dust and dirt and to maintain their initial look. There is at least a case for every iPhone XS Max owner depending on your style and personality. Budget too was in mind while coming up with this guide. You will a case that is affordable and of very high quality.

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