Top 9 Airsoft Mask in 2019

Planning to buy Airsoft Mask for 2019, look no further as we give you a rundown on the best choice products for the year 2019. Read on.

List of Top 9 Airsoft Mask in 2019

9. Vanmor Airsoft Mask


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Rocking UV400 goggle protection, the Vanmor Airsoft Mask is perfect for all outdoor activities such as hunting, paintball, climbing, riding, cycling, shooting and many more. With adjustable mesh to protect the face, Vanmor mask adds more fun to outdoor games. Featuring two adjustable elastic Velcro, the Airsoft Mask is made from nylon fiber and spots 6.9” glasses enhanced with polycarbonate lens to enable it to withstand high intensity. With Vanmor Airsoft Mask, you can be sure of some comfort, thanks to its soft inner pad for cheek. Overall, Vanmor provides maximum protection with that stylish look.

8. CCTRO Airsoft Skull Face Mask


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CCTRO Airsoft Skull Face mask is a must-have item for all outdoor sports lovers. Engineered to offer full protection from injury, toxic substances, and odors, CCTRO comes with an extra layer of padded cushion that absorbs the impacts of a blow to the face. It is highly breathable and lightweight which makes it perfect under different conditions, whether in sweltering summer days or hot stage light.

With its ultralight weight of 0.37lb and the strap length of 13.7”, CCTRO Airsoft is a multipurpose item for Cosplay, Halloween and CS warm game, Movie Prep and other outdoor activities.

7. Predator Helmet Mask by Rubie’s


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Do your wards fancy having that famous Hunter movie look? Consider getting the predator Helmet Airsoft Mask. Custom-made for children age five and above, the helmets come in lightweight of 9.6 ounces for easy Carriage. Factory made from latex, this fantastic Mask has mesh converting the eyeholes to shield the wearer’s face. This vinyl predator Nash I’d a perfect fit as it’s a one-size-fits-all for kids of different ages.

6. OutdoorMaster Airsoft Mask


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Made from 100% resin, OutdoorMaster Airsoft Mask offers full face protection against all outdoor and Airsoft events. Spotting 10.2 x 7.1 x 3.9” dimensions, this dynamic skull Mask perfect for most intense activities.

Highly breathable with the perforated mouth in place, the OutdoorMaster mask has sturdy metal mesh for protection against toxins and odors. The attachment comes strongly fixed that you don’t have to worry about losing any glasses or goggles.

5. Freehawk Motorcycle Goggle Mask (Camo Pattern)


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The lens is built with PC material; Freehawk Goggle Motorcycle Mask offers tenacity, wear-resistance, with anti-glare and

It features solid frame, and tough TPU materials form the base of its makeup.

Possessing high density and super comfortable sponges serving as a pad in the outer rim of the frame to alleviate facial pressure and grant you a comfy wearing.

Spotting high elastic band coupled with adjustable buckle, the Airsoft Mask perfectly fits into any size of the head, rendering pleasant wearing experience and well protection for its user. No need to be concerned with the mask dropping off your face during intense use as they have strongly positioned thanks to the sturdy materials it is made from.

With the ergonomic arc design, you enjoy broad vision, with the holes on both sides of the mask making internal air circulate efficiently keeping you breathing fresh air.

It is suitable for outdoor sports, such as skiing, cycling, riding, snowmobile, and airsoft, CS, Desert Off-road Riding Racing, motorcycling, and riding. Even as a costume ball, Halloween Party and Movie props; Freehawk motorcycle goggle mask is an excellent gift for your friends or families.

4. OutdoorMaster Airsoft Mask (Captain)


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Weighing just 358g, this OutdoorMaster Airsoft captain variant comes built with sturdy materials and beautified with a luxurious design not neglecting all-around protection.

Engineered with wire mesh that extends to serve as a throat guard, protection is sure with the amazing Airsoft Mask. Highly adjustable to fit heads of different sizes, thanks to the flexible material it was made from. It is suitable for Airsoft and other recreational activities, outdoor games and sports.

Enjoy the comfort of the breathable padding that provides a cushion for your face.

3. YASHALY Paintball Mask


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This tactical gear full face mask offers complete protection for shooting, hunting, cycling, climbing, riding, and other outdoor activities. Heavily built with adjustable CS military style intimidating specs, the YASHALY Paintball Mask is a force to reckon with when it comes to Airsoft Mask.

Spotting an incredible most protect, stretch headband, visor shading, the YASHALY mask is made from ABS engineered plastic, and it’s enhanced with low carbon. It’s so powerful that it can withstand energy impact with unrivaled toughness and substantial elasticity. It features vent holes and meshes patches for superior breathability during battle and other rigorous activities. The YASHALY Paintball Mask is an enviable collection to anyone.

2. ATAIRSOFTTactical Airsoft Paintball Mask



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ATAIRSOFT Mask is an excellent deal for you if you are looking for an alien protective full face mask. Made from durable material of high-quality ABS material, this sturdy Mask offers the best value for money, thanks to its adjustable elastic strap and goggle that never fogs in battle. With 13.2 x 10.5 x 3.5” dimension and 9.1 ounces weight, this tactical Airsoft Mask is suitable for many purposes; from climbing to riding, hunting, cycling, and several others. Additionally, you
stand to enjoy poison and odor free moment and ballistic protection courtesy of its approximately 600 FPS with 6mm 0.2 BB

1. Outgeek Outdoor Costume Mask.


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Topping our list of the top Airsoft Mask to look out for in 2019 is the Outgeek Outdoor Face Mask. Enhanced with an infrared lamp for Halloween Masquerade Cosplay, this super-protective Airsoft Mask is unique thanks to its superior specs. From explosion-proof plastic as the core material it is made from to the fashionable flashing and infrared
light, it is our handpicked Airsoft Mask for 2019. It offers flexibility with adjustable straps that make it a one-size-fits-all. If you are looking for a perfect gift for hunting, war game, parties, Airsoft, and other outdoor activities, and then this Outgeek Mask is your best bet!


These are the top 10 Airsoft Masks to look out for in 2019. Consider getting one to surprise your kids as a perfect gift in this yuletide season.

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